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A New Year and My Favorite Detox Juice

The Green Energy Boost Did you lack enough sleep? Need something to back you up? This juice is the right fit for that! This is loaded with vitamins and energy boosters to keep you on the go.. Try this now #apple #celery #ginger #cucumber #kale #spinach

Green Juice for Beginners. This is what you've been looking for.. to all of you juice beginners out there! Recipe: 5 #kale leaves, 1/2 cup baby #spinach, 1 cup green seedless #grapes (approx. 20 grapes), 1 small granny smith #apple, 1 #cucumber.

Vegan Detox Green Monster Smoothie

Vegan Detox Green Monster Smoothie {with kale, strawberry, cucumber, & banana} by ambitiouskitchen #Smoothie #Green #Kale #Strawberry #Cucumber #Healthy

Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

Beet Apple Carrot Orange Juice INGREDIENTS 1 beet, rinsed, lightly peeled and quartered 1 apple, lighted peeled, cored and quartered 1 Tbsp size piece of fresh ginger (skin removed) 3 whole carrots, rinsed and peeled unfiltered apple juice (optional)

The Heartburn Fix. Are you one of those who suffers from pain because of GERD, pyrosis, acid reflux or the so-called heartburn? Then this juice is the right fit for you! You should try this now.. #carrot #apple #spinach