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Convert a Child's Bike Trailer into a Cargo Trailer.

After 7 years of loyal service, our bicycle trailer was of no use anymore because our children cycle by themselves. However, as our type of cycling trips shifted to longer distances (multiple days), we required a luggage trailer instead. Instead of investing in a cargo trailer or building one, I decided to convert the old one. This instructable will show you how to convert a Burley Child's trailer (d'Lite) into a Cargo trailer, with a mininmum of new components and no welding. The picture…

Build a Bicycle Trailer

Build a Bike Trailer

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bicycle trailer.

this is the finished bicycle trailer. I built it principally because i had all the components lying around and needed a bicycle trailer. many substi...

Solo Female Cycling Around the World: WOW (Women On Wheels)

In case someone asks: • frame size 20"/53 cm unisex • weight 42 KG • turning radius: 4.55 meters • outside measurements: w. 90cm; h. 110cm; l. 217cm • box measurements: w. 57cm; h. 32-47cm; l. 102cm • 7 speed internal hub (Nexus-7 by Shimano) • front and rear hand brakes (front discs and rear roller brake by Shimano) • cement grey frame and box • brown cruiser saddle and grips • steering damper, canvas seat and two seatbelts

I started the project with 2 10-foot lengths of 1/2 galvanized EMT conduit, available everywhere for ridiculously cheap. Good luck getting trailer components home without a trailer. While youre at the hardware store, and to help in your largely fruitless efforts to evade the over-helpful staff, walk purposefully around while scooping up the following items. 1.5 in #8 machine screws: 2 1.25 in #8 machine screws: 13 #8 lock nuts: 15

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Bike trailer bin for the garden