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the notebook pelicula - Buscar con Google

Hey Girl, I grew this organic kale for you. - Oh Ryan Gosling, how did you know I like to put kale in my smoothies?

oh ryan- have you SEEN the preview for his new movie with Steve Carrel? Oh Jesus.

Social work by Ryan Gosling hahahah YES, please be in my genogram, in a bubble next to my name.

I'd let Ryan Gosling Google me.

I feel like I should have a Ryan Gosling board. but that's so Fangirl.

I literally laughed it's so true I love eating healthy but after soooo much or not switching up your prep meals this is how you feel

i guess i dont get it. i do my own Caveman diet- meat and seeds. ive lost in 3 wks and up the callories every so often to beef up (watch all the whine that more than a pound a wk isnt heathy)