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Based on a "real life" math blog post, this freebie gives you the photographs of the store at an apple orchard and the task of spending $20! Multiple solutions and a "challenge" page as well!

5th Grade Spiral Math Homework and Quizzes -- Quarter ONE

Spiral Math work for 5th grade. Very well done, excellent resource to completely cover it. Three teachers recommended this to me.

Interactive Games-Cure for Mathaphobia "Some kids love math! They're good at it, and they enjoy a challenge.Other kids hate math! For them it's hard, or worse, boring!This lens was created with both groups in mind!Whether you're a teacher, parent, or tutor, you'll find these sites to be highly motivating. I did leave out two types of sites: those that are "too much fun" at the expense of learning, and those that distract students with ads and other visual junk. My classes have always felt…

Open Ended Math Challenges Set 2--Problem Solving Grades 3-5

It's finally here! Set 2 of the best selling open ended math challenge series! Whether you use for whole class problem solving, enrichment, cooperative learning, or for a student needing something more, these 3 problems are high interest and challenging. Each problem also has an enrichment component!

Secret Code For Kids { Math Activity

Secret Code For Kids { Math Activity } kindergarten math game from No Time for Flashcards