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Romney will Open markets that have helped make America powerful and prosperous. Indeed, they've been among the keys to our financial success since the country was founded

Oh Molly. I love this headcanon. The alternative idea is that the woman has had 7 kids and she just can't remember a damn thing anymore, and who could blame her.

"hello im luke. im a guard for the badlands and im 19. i just recently got this job. i love to drink beer." i shrug

Wait seriously?<<<<<<<<< AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Its funny how I'm a Fall Out Boy fangirl and just found this out... like, what!?

I want this more than anything

Not sure if this is an edit or the real deal, but either way you can just call me McDonald's because I'M LOVING IT

Omg yoonmin and taekook yes please. Also Jin is just like "wtf why am I making a hand heart w this fcking horse instead of my husband"

The difference between Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco. Priceless.