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Explore Moi Zip, Front Dungaree and more! This but in White

These wonderful creations are made by Odile Gova, a very talented stay at home mom from Canada. It was very hard for me not to continue putting up pictures, because everything she makes is so wonderful. Please visit the artist's Etsy shop to see more of her work, and perchance even buy something. There is also a large collection of her work on her Flikr photostream.


Quarter Zip Sherpa Pullover in Alloy Grey by The Southern Shirt Co

from Etsy

Indiscreet "vampire teabags" Zip Pouch for Tampons, Menstrual Pads, Feminine Products

“I found me a corner, play it cool for a while Just mackin’ and schemin’ on a woman I thought was cool But now I realize that the Ice was the fool ‘Cause a woman will play you, lay you and obey you You better watch your back ’cause a woman will slay you N |

from eHow

How to Keep Polymer Clay Forever

this is how I kept my clay for 4 yrs in a storage unit in the high desert, make sure the bags and container are both well sealed and kept in a cool part of the storage area....