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Costume & Masks

In a wide open theatre, masks like these were designed to bring the character's face closer to the audience through the exaggerated facial features and expressions. This way a single actor could play many roles, without being identified with one character. Specific masks were created for specific events or characters in plays. For example, the mask for Oedipus before he was blinded would be different from the mask after he was blinded.

RG - Greek masks were classically used to bring the actors "closer to the audience" because of the dramatic, overly-exaggerated expressions they portray. These masks also allowed actors to play multiple roles. (The word "mask" in Greek is "persona".)

KA - Greek Theater utilized lightweight masks in their productions made from a variety of materials. Tragedies utilized more realistic masks but they also expressed a lot of emotions. The masks allowed actors to play multiple roles, both male and female characters since all actors were male.

DB- Greek masks and costumes allowed for the actors, which were all men, to play multiple roles and play female characters. Actors who played tragic roles wore boots called cothurneses that elevated them above other actors.When playing female roles, the male actors donned a ‘ prosterneda’ which is a wooden structure in front of the chest to imitate breasts.

JY - In Greek plays, costumes were often used to depict class and social status whereas masks were used to depict emotion