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She is here now, waiting for you, to set you free from chains you have bound yourself with.Read more...

What if I were to tell you Your future is unwritten and The pen The pen is poised in your hand and the Page The page before you is pristine Pristine and waiting with bated breath To see what the story of Your life shall be

There was an angel there today. Was just a man -- olive-skinned, radiating supernovas swirling like sunspots. I watched him there smiling. Brown leather sandals, a nylon cord sneaking inside his shirt, and I wondered what was on the other end of it. I saw hieroglyphic tattoos poking out of the edges of his shirtsleeves.Read more...

And when I had expelled all of my prejudices, my disdain and my failures, I then sat up and heaved forth every needle pinch to skin and each bleed of my heart. When I opened my mouth, with head held back, as that of a woman, crazed, I wailed and then let out my breath and fell back, destroyed.Read more...

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

That last one: finish something. Absolutely, doesn't matter what it is or how small it is, that feeling of knowing you've finished a project is great.


Upon finally realizing this, it hit me... why should I be anything but positive and overflowing with love and patience for myself, especially when taking the time to follow after my dreams?

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Ajay Ohri: The 8 Rules of Writing

Ajay Ohri - The 8 Rules of Writing More

Issa Haiku "This haiku was rendered for me by a professional calligrapher. The haiku, written by the Master Issa has always seemed to reflect the path of my life. It translates to English as: "In a world of grief and pain, flowers bloom, even then" In Japanese (phonetically): "ku no shaba ya sakura ga sakeba saita tote". The Momiji leaves were (poorly) ripped from an image I have of a beautiful Sumi-e painting."