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Is it rude to go to the reception if you didn't go to the wedding?

OK, you’ve drunk all the champagne you could stand at the reception. Now do you have the liquid courage to tell the gracious hosts why you couldn’t make it to the wedding ceremony?

Floating Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai - Thailand  12,000 paper lanterns are released after sunset to release prayers to heaven ...on the bucket list!!

Funny pictures about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Also, Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand.

Fold Over Poem: while bride opens gifts, have a guest write a line on a long sheet of paper, as if beginning poem about the bride and groom. Attach to clipboard and pass around to all guests, folding over the paper, so only the most recent line shows. When paper has circulated to all guests, maid of honor retrieves it and reads it aloud after all gifts are opened. Pointers: lines do not have to rhyme

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Game Guide

Convenient Child Care - hire a babysitter & set up a kid's room near the reception location to keep kids busy & parents partying! Alternately, Create a "kid's table" at the reception where kids can colour, build lego & keep themselves busy for the night.

Sailor Knot WISH BRACELET Wedding Favor

favors: nautical version of wish bracelet, perfect for your beach parties, seaside weddings, and other special occasions

"My dad and I had to explain to her that my fiancé and I didn’t care about fancy stuff, we just wanted to be married and to celebrate that with family and friends. The compromise—we decided to minimize the guest list, have a backyard bash with pizza and beer, and she could add whatever food she wanted."

Pizza & Beer

A site that is "focused on creating a culture that supports laid-back, feminist weddings. All that stuff wedding media tells you that you have to have? We think you don’t have to have it (unless you actually want it).

See the Jaw-Dropping Aso-Ebi Style Trends: Fashion Statements are Getting More Fabulous - Wedding Digest NaijaWedding Digest Naija

Aso-Ebi feature is never boring because we get to see more and more unique styles and trends. These sleek designs continue to create a buzz in Naija weddings.

Help your guests understand your South Hindu Wedding ceremony by this CW Designs…

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