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Daily Dishonesty is a hand-lettering blog started by Lauren Hom during her senior year of college. The blog documents the lies she tell herself on a regular basis and combines her love of typography, humor, copy-writing, and illustration. Excellent and excited to see more.

Have this issue? Somethings I do to remedy the situation: 1. Unplug from all electronics (TV, phone, internet, tablets) at least a half hour before bed). 2. Turn off the wifi if you can 3. When the brain starts it's rampages of thought, concentrate on something relaxing you like and think of that (i.e. A vacation on a beach, riding horseback, anything as long as it relaxes you).

That about sums it up for me, with Killary actually able to run as president of the USA, and people rioting and looting in their communities, killing our Police officers, the cop killer becomes the hero, everything is the white man's fault. I mean. WTF?