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scared. so scared. of the dark, of the rain, of the silence, of the darkness, of the corners of your mind even the darkest creatures that plague it are afraid to look.

The "Goldilocks zone" for sartorial transgression reminds me of Brecht his distancing effect in theater. This aiming at a postponed identification as opposed to an automatic one raises consciousness. It calls into remembrance that there is no pure and purely expressive image, which opens up space for both critical and personal usage of stylistic elements.

Seriously, I wish I could sleep. I have Insomnia and I'm accepting the fact that I won't be able to sleep unless I stay up till 9 am but even then it's hard to sleep. I even stayed up tonight, it's 8 am.

Authentic Tory butch bracelet

Authentic Tory butch bracelet Black and gold. Can fold the clasps in to make it fit a "pm" (smaller wrist) instead of a "gm"(larger wrist). Authentic and good condition. The gold is fair has wear on it but it is priced right! Offer up! Comment if want price changes! Also sold on m Tory Burch Jewelry Bracelets