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Stitch Fix for Men!! My husband LOVES it! He hates to go shopping. Ladies sign…

<p>According to Butch Harmon, a 3-wood should have more than enough loft to launch a ball up into the air. He says, "A lot of golfers are carrying 13-degree models, which just scream for you to help them get the ball up. When you hit range balls with your 3-wood, tee it up sometimes. You need to get used to the idea that you can hit down on the ball and get plenty of height on the shot. You need to learn to trust the club's loft."</p> <p>More: <a href="

CHARLES A. SIRINGO — Charles A. Siringo missed his chance at fame when Pat Garrett tracked down Billy the Kid without his help. He made up for it, though, by striking hot on the trail after Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch during his 20 years working as a Pinkerton “cowboy” detective. – Courtesy Robert G. McCubbin Collection –

A Crusty Fall Freeze: Barnyard Humor by Daris Howard | Meridian Magazine - | It was late October and Butch and Buster, my two friends, had come to visit after school. They weren’t really farm boys. They grew up in the backwoods of a state farther east, so when it came to cattle, they might as well have grown up in the city.

coach jones in neyland.... ok ok, he's pretty boss. I'm warming up to the guy.

Totally forgot to pin this when it first popped up. It's overly 'shopped for my tastes, but I also know the source image was a little shopped already.

Didn’t pick up on this when I was a kid

“ Masculine, butch groups of blokes together—it’s never really been my cup of tea. Playing a gay man in a Guy Ritchie movie is a finger up to that whole attitude of men talking about men doing men’s...