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Way back in the woods is the old home place. I remember it as a kid. Then, it looked like little more than a shack. This is what remains.

Good morning! I'm working on some projects around the house this weekend and trying to get started on Christmas decorating. Don't you just love how cozy Christmas lights make your home feel? ☺️ One of my favorite parts of Christmas time is the lights. Hope your all doing something fun this weekend!

from Pioneer Settler

9 Things I Always Have at the Barn

9 Things I Always Have at the Barn | Homesteading Tools and Farm Skills by Pioneer Settler

Since I have to buy mealworm every week at the pet store for the quails, I decided to try raising my own... on a itty bitty scale. I bought a mini 3 compartment drawer organizer at the dollar store for 3$, filled the drawers with some oatmeal i had on hand, put a mini wet sponge on a plastic cover for hydration and added 4$ of mealworms (around 200 mealworms). So there is it! My itty bitty mealworm farm for 8$ (mealworm included)

Holy look at that hill! None of those around my old North Dakota, Minnesota region, but the road looks awful familiar :)

Dream House. Farm house. *me: the farm house where I spent my first years had a wrap-around porch much like this one.

Gorgeous!! This is part of my dream farm - to have an orchard and a place where all my chooks and geese can run around freely.