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Animal Diversity Web | The rufous hummingbird (selasphorus rufus) consumes flies, ants, small beetles, tiny wasps, bees and other small insects for protein. Nectar is its most important food source for energy. It feeds on nectar from several different flowering plants, such as honeysuckle, scarlet sage, horsemint, and black locust; and plays an important role in pollinating at least 129 plant species. It also drinks sap for an extra food source when nectar is hard to find.

Great - Blue Heron and red winged black bird.. Oh just two of my favorite birds canoodling.. Fuck this is awesome.

Nemoptera is a Palearctic genus of insects of the family Nemopteridae or spoonwings. All species are diurnal with an exclusively floral diet, preferring to fly in open spaces in full sunshine while visiting flowers. They can be recognized by their very long hind wing prolongations. By Jo Williams