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2) Entrepreneurial Female Icon; Niki Caro. Whale Rider is of course the biggest hit around the pod, but before that, Caro took a running leap and directed her first TV series with no experience. #modcloth #makeitwork

Debbie Allen has come a long way since Fame. But did you know she attended Howard University for a BA in classical Greek literature, speech and theater?

So so proud that Jane Campion will be President of the Cannes Jury this year.

@elliehoulie (College TV Emmy and Cannes Young Director Award for Todd Glass for GLSEN PSA, Joan's Day Out) #Hollywomen #Directors

from IMDb

Queen Margot (1994)

Penny says, "Kudos to director Patrice Chéreau and his co-writer Daniele Thompson for creating this gorgeous epic, with cinematographer Philippe Rousselot as first among equals in the outstanding crew who served behind-the-scenes."