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Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique - Portrait of Jacques Marquet, Baron de Montbreton de Norvins - Neoclassicism - Oil on canvas - Portrait - National Gallery - London, UK

Jeweltone Summer

Jeweltone Summer by madamethirteen on Polyvore featuring art, jeweltone summer, david zyla, color palette, ingres and zyla

Frank Auerbach: An interview with one of our greatest living painters

Frank Auerbach, 82, is still tirelessly painting and repainting the same few familiar people and local scenes, only taking one day off a year. Hannah Rothschild interrupted him to find out what drives him.

The Grand Odalisque by Ingres (Romanticism). Ingres skillfully combines classical composition and drawing techniques with exotic elements. Reclining nude pose is reminiscent of Titian, and the elongated limbs/cool color palette is influenced by Mannerism. Ingres also greatly admired Raphael, which can be seen in the face. Truly a unique combo of Ingres' classical training (he was a student of David) and his interest in the Romantic tendency for the exotic.


Strong, flared trousers are a welcome shake-up from all the denim that creeps into our workweek wardrobe. If you already have gray and black slacks, consider picking up a strong scarlet pair.