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Remember ladies, dignity is not based on your values and character, but rather your choice of clothing!!!

pose ideas - people just need something to do with their hands or they look awkward! this is a great example of a well directed pose :)

Gentleman Rules- Rules for dating that every parent should teach their sons AND daughters for a better world. "The greatest and lasting love stories are the ones worth waiting for" These are great!


How to be attractive.

Here you go boys and girls...the secret to life!

from Joelle Charming

How to be Charming :: Summer Styling

How to be Charming ~ If only more people were like this. So over rude, obnoxious, self absorbed people. I went into a shop I really like going into, it is a love/hate relationship. I love the things in the shop I hate the staff. They are so rude. I have felt on so many occasions saying to this one person, you are rude, but I just smile and it annoys her. Even though I have been buying items for there for years.

from Polyvore


"Tapestry" by hanaglatison on Polyvore

from theCHIVE

My walls feel naked without cool art like this hanging on them (25 HQ Photos)

This looks just like Fire on her violin!! In fact I think it is Fire on her violin. such a beautiful picture!



Ahem, thank you. Someone said it. Thigh gaps are just society's new way to make girls feel insecure and flawed. To every girl reading this, you are beautiful and amazing, which is unchanged by your size, shape, or skin color!