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39 Hilarious Halloween Photos Of Costumed Kids Who Won At Life (Slide #12) - Alien Power Loader

Awesome dad is awesome.Ripley Is a Butt-Kicking Baby In This Aliens Power Loader Costume [Cosplay]

i want to be this guy's best friend.

Next year's Halloween costume.and when i hand ppl lemons im gonna be like make some lemonade cuz life just handed u a lemon?

Original Couples Costume Idea: Jack and Jill... After the Hill

It's a really good costume!

This kids going places. But that's a place. <---- this is hilarious, but I actually think this costume is kind of great.

This dad who is equal parts embarrassing and awesome. | 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

Wave At The Bus. This dad dresses up in a different costume and waves as his son goes by on the school bus. You've got to check out the website! He is very creative!

napoleon dynamite woot woot

Kids dressed up for Halloween as Napoleon & Kip; this is just SO great! Also, their expressions fit their characters PERFECTLY (unless of course, the Kip kid is depressed by his costume, and the Napoleon kid is totally confused by his) !

Hi- Wilson the volleyball is happening

Tiny cosplay.

These are awesome Halloween costumes for your kids.except for the Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj one. Bad parenting right there lol.

Toothpaste and floss costumes

Toothbrush and Baby-Tooth Halloween costumes! These kids were probably a daughter and a son to a dentist!

omg yesss hahahaha

Homemade Easy Mac Costume - an old laundry basket. basket covered with recycled cardboard. Painted to look like Easy Mac bowl -lots of recycled paper towel and toilet paper tubes - glued and painted cheesy yellowish-orange