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That microphone. I. WANT. TO BE. THAT. MICROPHONE<<doesn't everyone?


i could get a cut on my finger if i wanted to by just moving my fingers along that jawline i mean it is soo well defined .... i love it

OH! MY! EFFING GOD!!!!!!!!!! I want to run my hand through that chest hair!


Your First-Look Pictures of Dylan O'Brien & Co. in 'The Maze Runner'

TMR Challenge Day 4: favorite fight scene, when Minho meets Jorge XD that's one of the good ones, all my favorites involve minho the lil sass king hahahaha

Baggy Bulldogs – Is there something on my chin?

"To me, Feminism means Choice! I can CHOOSE to shave my legs and can CHOOSE not to. There is no "right answer". One option doesn't make me any more or less of a feminist than the other. I can shave or not shave, whatever the hell I want to, because it's MY choice!" #feminism #bodyhair