i just have to think of ten and eleven as two different people. because it breaks my heart to think that he marries river when he was so in love with rose. so yeah, that's the way i manage to keep from completely wallowing in heartbreak.

i loved that 9 & 10 shared so much history and people. 11 has no connection to the man he was before. --- The thought of Eleven and Rose is a beautifully heartbreaking concept. I would've loved to have seen it.

10 with Martha Jones as the Face of Boe is revealed.  Some how didn't catch what is said to create this reaction until the third viewing.

[DOCTOR WHO] Ten / The doctor & Martha Jones (David Tennant & Freema Agyeman) When they find out who Captain Jack Harkness really is

American artist Alice X. Zhang was commissioned by Big Chief Studios to do Docto...

Amazing Art Inspired By Doctor Who

“I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.” Absolutely beautiful fanart of Nine Ten Eleven and the War Doctor.

Actors who have been in both Harry Potter and Doctor Who. For some of these I was like woah!!

Actors who have been in both Harry Potter and Doctor Who. This only furthers the argument that Britain has 20 actors who are in everything.

Zoroastrians know their stuff!

Supernatural/Doctor Who - Daeva (Monster of the Shadows) & Vashta Nerada. Please excuse the language. Just wait one minute. They can only travel by shadows? As in, shadow traveling?

Loved this one! Shakespeare and Dr. Who combined?! Woohoo!!!

57 academics theorised that Shakespeare was gay or bisexual, incase youre wondering

web2h:    this has got to be the cutest dr who cosplay ever!!!

Are You My Mommy?

[ This is so adorable! If we have a son, this would be a great cosplay idea. -Jen ] Doctor Who - Are You My Mummy? OMG If only I had a little boy I would have totally made my husband dress up as the doctor and him as that little boy!

A list of Doctor Who minisodes you may have missed :) - The interactive one where you become The Doctor's companion is awesome! When he was sending me back I was like "Wait. No. I don't want to go back" :(

Hidden scene between episodes when Eccleston regenerates as Tennant, as Rose gets used to the new Doctor, before they return to her home on Christmas. <<< I wish this had been in the episode! It explains some things