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Maternity Wardrobe Essentials 101

Maternity Wardrobe Essentials 101 | I used to think spending money on maternity clothes was a waste because you only wear them for a short time. But my philosophy has changed as I've experienced pregnancy for myself! In this post, I explain my thoughts and take a look at maternity wardrobe essentials that can help you feel your best all the way through the end of your pregnancy. You deserve to have the best, happiest pregnancy you possibly can and your clothes play a role in that!

34 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

34 Week Pregnancy Update - In this post, I share an update as I count down the weeks to meeting our first baby. I share about pregnancy insomnia, birth class, maternity photos and more.

36 Weeks Pregnant

36 Week Pregnancy Update | In this post, I share the latest from the perspective of being 36w2d pregnant with my first baby. A DIY Nursery canvas, puffy feet, maxing out my maternity wardrobe, and not being able to zip my jacket anymore... I share the latest as I look forward, only weeks away from labor and delivery.

Waiting on Baby Radniecki

Waiting on Baby Radniecki - Our Maternity Photos 2016 | This post includes photos from our maternity session as we anticipate the arrival of our first baby; a boy. Taken in late January in central Minnesota, we were blessed with a snowy, wintry backdrop for our session. Also included is toy poodle, Remy!

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

16 week pregnancy update - Hormones, headaches, waiting on feeling baby move and anticipating the 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound with a mix of excitement and anxiety. Welcome to the second trimester!

What To Wear To Your Photo Session: Part 2

What to Wear for Your Photo Session - Part 2. This post takes a look at how to incorporate a variety of different colors and styles in your photo session, while still maintaining a cohesive look. Included are photo examples and ideas for how to put together a great wardrobe for your family photo session!

Remy's Big News

The pregnancy announcement of blogger Laura Radniecki, sharing the expected arrival of their first baby in March 2016. Their first [fur] baby Remy, a 5 pound toy poodle, made the announcement in a clever video, sharing the news with family and friends!