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Immunotherapy drugs are considered a breakthrough in cancer treatment, but side effects are severe and occur from 20 to more than 50 percent of patients.

Is synthetic folic acid toxic to your body? Taking synthetic folic acid can actually block metabolism of real folate for years at a time.

Exposure to powdered gloves may cause allergic reactions, wound and airway inflammation, adhesions and other adverse effects.

Public health experts and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) say UV abuse is a serious mistake that can permanently damage your skin and may lead to skin cancer.

Popular Snack Chips May Be Linked to Cancer and Other Diseases | Get Cancer Cure

People with this rare genetic mutation called advanced phase sleep syndrome allows them to be fully rested after as little as four to six hours of sleep.

After the mcr-1 gene was discovered in pigs and people in China, it has now been identified in a pork sample and a patient being treated for E.coli in the U.S.

Photobiologist Dr. Wunsch explores sunlight from a historical perspective, including how both public and medical opinions of sunlight have changed dramatically.