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Study: Trainers Consistently Evaluate Ridden Horse Behavior

First Right of Refusal in Horse Sale Contracts - | What happens if you buy a horse but the seller hasn't honored a first-right-of-refusal contract with the previous owner? Find out at

Researchers Reveal Chinese Horses' Origins

Is Sustainability a Heritable Trait in Thoroughbreds?

Is Sustainability a Heritable Trait in Thoroughbreds? - | Researchers have determined that sustainability (how long the horse can keep racing without illness or injury) is just as heritable a trait as performance.

The Equine DNA Roadmap

A Closer Look at Genetic Testing in Horses - | Scientists are learning more about horses' DNA and how mutations impact health, behavior, performance, and more.

Scientists See Spots on Prehistoric Horses

Using the LP allele for reference, researchers determined some prehistoric horses had spots like Appaloosas.

Dealing with a Broken Foot (Coffin Bone Fractures)

What is the coffin bone? The coffin bone goes by several names, including the third phalanx, PIII, distal phalanx, or pedal bone. It is a h...

The Equine Heart: Power Plant Unequaled

The Equine Heart: Power Plant Unequaled - | Learn about the equine heart and some conditions most often encountered by equine cardiologists. #AmericanHeartMonth #horsehealth

Understanding Epigenetics & Early Equine Fetal Development

Epigenetics explains inherited traits that might skip a generation or appear spontaneously.