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Dragonflies are beneficial to the garden. Their main food source is insects that can be damaging to plants and annoying to people, including mosquitoes and a variety of flies. You may be able to reduce commercial pesticides and mosquito repellents!

I love dragonflies and damselflies. You can tell the difference when they rest on a plant. The dragonfly will keep his wings open, while the damsel fly closes hers against her back. I also think the damsel fly looks more delicate! Azure Damselfly

I think dragonflies are sO coOl! Did you know that they are really Fairies that take this form so we don't recognize them? (That's what I tell all the kids, anyway.)

This jewel like dragonfly is a real beauty. Greek Damselfly by Maria-H

Red dragonfly..had one flying around me and my pond and couldn't believe it!!!

Some-kinda Dragonfly (whatcha macallit) ~ by iwan pruvic ~ Miks' Pics "Arachnids and Insects l" board @