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2013 Pelican State CU Free Kids Bike Race

This is a video I created for Pelican State Credit Union highlighting the 2013 Free Kids Bike Race. I was responsible for videography, sound, post-production and distribution.

23 creative ways to decorate your home with your travels

8.26.15 Update - We didn't plan on this post becoming popular so we didn't save all the links to track back the sources of these awesome craft ideas that we found via Pinterest. All idea are not ou...

Iroquois Village : Iroquois village including a bark longhouse, wigwams and a dug out canoe typical of the Six Nation tribes of the Northeast United States and parts of Canada. (Photo Credit: Marilyn Angel Wynn/Nativestock Pictures/Corbis)

16 inspirational quotes from children s literature tips tipsographic tips tipsographic

Tips to Inspire Yourself with 16 Quotes from Children's Books

What's done is done.I've moved on.I know our friendship ended .I'll still give you credit for things I've "learnt" from you.You did inspire me in many ways.My life will go on believe it or not.I'm sorry for being such a bad person.I never claimed to be perfect but you need to learn to talk to people about what upsets you.Things could workout different in your relationships(this isn't about our relationship).How else can people learn to be better.This will be the last post about you.

Rookie photographer snaps shooting star and the awe-inspiring glory of the Milky Way

Shooting Star and Milky Way over Goblin Valley National Park in Green River, Utah. Photo Credit: Bret Webster