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Lottery winner died from cyanide poisoning just before he was to collect winnings

DIAMOND - A0996520 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/15/16 A volunteer writes: Diamond is as precious as her name, a timid yet incredibly affectionate ebony beauty who’d be a strong candidate for the title of both world’s worst model and world’s sweetest dog! You’ll have to use a bit of imagination to see how truly pretty Diamond is from her photos as during our shoot she’s in perpetual motion, constantly angling for a snuggle sess

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Why are we doing this? Why are we hurting our planet? Why don't we learn and try to restore our world to its previous glory? Oh yeah because we are ALL a bunch of a****** that are blinded by greed and pride

National book winner 2013.The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s chilling account of female brutality provides a powerful and unavoidable look at the nature of evil, an unforgettable revision of our understanding of modern history.

Not to mention three indie musicals, A THEME PARK, an upcoming TV series, and a shit ton of fanfics, fan-made spin-off videos, and virtual Hogwarts websites. Every child in our world will know his name, indeed.

from Trésors De Luxe

Unbroken Bond

Country Love

LOL- Hook could have run off, but what does he do instead...?


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Stunning underwater photos revealed as 'Our World' contest winners