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How to Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

So while you plan your exit route, here are some tips to stay motivated if you hate your job.

PRO-ANAS- I AM SICK OF YOUR SELF- PITY- YOU SAY YOU HATE YOURSELVES? THEN WHY DO YOU WANT AN EAITNG DISORDER? -Its an illness! And if you already hate yourself, an eating disorder will only magnify your self-hatred ten times more- If you claim to be pro-ana and say you suffer from an eating disorder at the same time, i have trouble taking you seriously-No one that has an eating disorder picked it, this is not about impressing some guy or looking good in a dress-PRO-ANAS, LEAVE MY BOARD ALONE

It's a love hate relationship between my body and running.

In Your Face MOTIVATION for this Happy Hump Day...How are YOU feeling about YOU...that is what counts. Start feeling and living better today. The alternative really does suck...SO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Never to offend, because I care, and I am a say it like it is trainer who will never throw you any BS. Stay Healthy! Darla

"I think loving your body and wanting to feed it healthy food is a better motivation than hating your body and wanting it to be smaller. Actually lost weight with the first mindset "

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