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It’s Sunday and I have been working since early morn – not because I woke up super energetic, not because I had a list of plans a mile long, but simply because Sunday is a workday like any other. READ MORE:!How-would-you-feel-if-Sunday-were-a-workday/c1l60/5640b9d10cf2f51f32324e89 HUG <3 #ultrablog #Israel #Israelilifestyle #thatswhatgrannyalwayssays

50 Amazing Design Blogs Every Creative Needs to Bookmark

On the Creative Market Blog - 50 Amazing Design Blogs Every Creative Needs to Bookmark

Six Degrees of Separation - Israeli Style Originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929, "Six Degrees of Separation" is the theory that everyone is connected to every other person in the world in a maximum of six steps/connections, creating a "small small world". Today I'm sharing with you the Israeli version. READ MORE:!Six-Degrees-of-Separation-Israeli-Style/c1l60/5650c4b40cf26ffe7c20c75c HUGS <3 #ultrablog #israel #thatswhatgran

Las mejores aplicaciones del Macintosh original [Especial 30 aniversario Macintosh]

I picked up a Magic Trackpad this weekend, and while browsing Apple's instructions printed on the box was struck by the similarity between the tagline and

Farm Animals Engravings Set

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How do Israelis know that winter is on its way? READ MORE:!Crembo/c1l60/563666250cf2833083281044 HUGS <3 #ultrablog #Israel #IsraeliFood #IsraeliFolklore #crembo

#ultrablog #Israel #thatswhatgrannyalwayssays Because we live in a visual age, images play a key role in our communications within social media. No wonder photo-editing apps and meme generators are the new thing. When inundated with new apps and gadgets, beware not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. That’s what Granny always says. READ MORE:!How-and-why-I-use-power-point-to-create-images/c1l60/5636603d0cf2c322b48f36b8 HUGS <3

#ultrablog #Israel #facebookgroups #visibility You don't have to post a photo of a cat to get noticed in Facebook groups. READ MORE:!One-way-to-get-noticed-in-Facebook-Groups-is-to-/c1l60/563664870cf2833083280eb4 HUGS <3

Are you a professional, who needs to lighten up a bit? Are you so passionate (and obsessed) about your business, you forget that you are a woman? There is NOTHING like Girlie Talk :) Highly recommended ... even for men :) HUGS <3 READ MORE:!There-is-nothing-like-Girlie-Talk/c1l60/563fb9d50cf2e1ca278ebb28