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The Revolutionary War ( What Were They Fighting For?) (Hardcover)

FREE Revolutionary War task cards to help your students recall important information from the Revolutionary War! The Declaration of Independence, important locations during the Revolutionary War, and important Revolutionary War figures are all included.

American Revolutionary War Unit - Social Studies / History

If you teach the American Revolutionary War, this is the unit for you. This American Revolutionary War Unit consists of reading passages, worksheets, reference pages, activities, games, coloring pages, images/pictures, and vocabulary words for a word wall. There is an abundance of information included with the unit.

American Revolution - Road to the Revolution Culminating Project

5-10 Day Project for Culmination of Colonization and American Revolution Unit | Three student pages | Rubric | This product is student handouts | Includes checklist of required elements | Includes project choice ideas 5-10 days for project | Includes CCSS Reading & Writing in Social Studies rubric for scoring

American Revolution, Revolutionary War, Leveled Passages 4th Grade

Short on time? Integrate reading and social studies with this line of products! My Close Read Packs will help you find time the day. Included are 11 informational passages about 11 heroes, all in the 4th grade band. 2 pages of Close Read questions PER person with answer keys! That's 22 pages of questions! You will also get 8 puzzles and one culminating project. Also available for grades 3 and 5. $

Colonial Williamsburg "Colonial Williamsburg is trying to bring its visitors face to face with the internal conflicts and contradictions of the Revolutionary War era and their ripple effects across politics and society today." 156520_10151414142384576_1529228244_n.jpg (671×960)

Revolutionary War Webquest

Students travel back in time to explore the Revolutionary War with this Webquest. Students will use information collected through careful research to create a group newspaper to chronicle the events of the Revolutionary War. Each page of the Webquest guid

Free Printable Minibook–Timeline of Events Leading Up to the French Revolution

Minibook. Events Leading Up to the French Revolution. #frenchrevolution #lapbooks #ihsnet

Reader's Theater Pack: Events Leading to the Revolutionary War

This script pack contains 7 reader's theater scripts and can be used to teach or review events leading to the Revolution. The scripts are short and written for about 2-3 students. Topics include: -French and Indian War -Proclamation of 1763 -Stamp Act -Boston Massacre -Boston Tea Party -Meeting of the 1st Continental Congress -Intolerable Acts

Reenactor Portraits: 234th Anniversary of the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Revolutionary War - Moores Creek National Battleground. Portraits of Reenactors. Joh...