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Mass Collaboration for Mass Homelessness. I am mobilizing public, private and community resources to serve at the scale and speed of the need.

I'm leading the Green Refugees Program for Jordan. Mobilizing practical support for 450,000 sitting on the ground in 7 degrees.

In the Hadith, the teachings are clear on helping 'Stranded travellors'. Over 910,000 Syrians have 'mass homelessness'. 300,000 are in Jordan

Serving the refugees at the Scale and speed of the need

The Refugees need many practical items like 300,000 pairs of socks to keep their feet warm in the cold night

The UN Innovation in Financing is being applied to support 300,000 Refugees in Jordan

There is 67 trillion dollars of 'parked cash' which can be attracted to Social Investments inc Refugees

My leadership is to unite the disparate resources worldwide to empower the poor. All stakeholders must cooperate and collaborate.

The UN Innovation in Financing Policy was signed by 187 world leaders. Finally, we are putting this policy into practice at the scale and speed of the need