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Talking mobile at Innotech Austin

I believe innovation is an important part of business and I know that UT has an incredible focus on innovation. Here's a video of me talking about the future of mobile technology and innovation at Austin's Innotech eMarketing Summit.

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I serve as a Commissioner with the Austin Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. A Texas MBA will help round out my business expertise for work on future commissions. By the way, I built the Austin Redistricting website (linked to this pin) using my WordPress skills.

At PetRelocation, I work with a team of forty people to create incredible experiences for our clients and their pets. As the second employee hired, I am proud of my achievements and expect a Texas MBA to help me achieve even more!

Willow Creek on

Innovation= idea + leader + team + plan: it is essential for business success. We love it. For innovative ERP solutions, check out