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Scottish Wildcat - One of the rarest and most endangered mammals, and the only wild member of the cat family in the UK. Wildcats are restricted to small parts of the Scottish Highlands, where they feeds on Rabbits and ground-nesting birds

wild cat | wildcat in highland scotland photographic print of scottish wildcat ...

Photograph of a Scottish Wildcat in Highland Scotland . Photographic Print of Scottish Wildcat from RSPCA . All photographs are copyright .

Red Deer Stag- Scotland | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ireland's national animal - Red Deer Stag Saw LOTS of these while in Ireland

Highland Cow

Are you inspired by nature and wildlife across Scotland? If so, why not enter Scotland’s photography competition? All donations received will go to support wildlife conservation in Scotland.


The Scottish Wildcat  www.superstarpetservices.com

The elusive Scottish Wild Cat is a tough character and one that has endured the worse weather and conditions thrown at it. Peter Cairns has managed to photograph this shy creature and has a very interesting website called the Highland Tiger which infor

Blueflash runs into camp. "Badgers are attacking the camp!" He yowls. (Continue in the comments.)

Scotland Badger (Meles meles) by Jamie Brightwell. Found throughout England, Wales, most of Scotland except for the far north, and Northern Ireland.

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Highland Stag by Malcolm Murray. The celebrated 'Monarch of the Glen', the wild red deer stag is a Scottish icon. This species, the largest land mammal in Britain, is widespread throughout Scotland. (photo by Malcolm Murray)

Atlantic puffins (Fratercula arctica), Isle of Lunga, Treshnish Isles, Scotland, June.

18 Of The Most Luxurious And Expensive Places To Stay In Scotland Scotland Travel Inspiration - Atlantic puffins (Fratercula arctica), Isle of Lunga, Treshnish Isles, Scotland, June.