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Recon Marine providing over watch in Afghanistan [1355x851]

Transport of seventeen J35D in Linköping where the SAAB headquarters is based. The year was 1966. (x/post from r/Sweden) [640x960]

Royal Marines from 40 Commando on patrol in the Sangin area of Afghanistan are pictured (left) with the newly introduced L129A1 or Sharpshooter 7.62mm rifle and (right) an SA80 assault rifle.

Atomic Bomb Mushroom Cloud French Polynesia [1146 x 1500]

ODA 961 in Afghanistan 2002 [2047x1334]

Control room of the UB-110 German submarine 1918. [800X954]

Snipers of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2REI) using a PGM Hécate and a FR-F2 in Afghanistan in 2005 [2555 1868]

Soldier gear through the ages [540x3981]

Soldier gear through the ages [540x3981]

U.S. Army sniper team leader Cpl. Kevin Dehaven provides security at OP Mangol Nari district Kunar province Afghanistan Feb. 8 2012 [5075 3383]

112 year old Teimuraz Vanacha veteran of 1 World War and Civil War recipient of the Cross of Saint George and his son Ivan Vanacha full cavalier of the Orden of Glory. Abkhazia1980. [681x975]