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Frozen pizza, anyone? - - Want a cleaner, healthier frozen pizza? Then dive into the frozen pizza we have 'sniffed' for you. Not only will you discover if a pizza is right for your diet (be it vegan or gluten free or organic), but you will also learn how clean or not the product is. e.g does it contain gmo, or MSG, or

Vegan treats - which of these is healthy? Hungry for some vegan treats? Well, look before you leap. Don't trash your great diet by just grabbing any vegan dessert or vegan cookies you lay your eyes on. You need to know what's really inside those foods, and FoodSniffr helps you do just that. Check out vegan treats on the FoodSniffr

Vegan grocery list, anyone? - Want a vegan grocery list, quick and easy? If you are on a vegan diet, you have to check out FoodSniffr's vegan list of grocery foods. You will not only discover new foods to add to your vegan diet, you will also learn eye-opening facts about the vegan foods you are consuming now. We are adding

Basmati Rice - A great addition to your diet! Find Basmati Rice at Basmati rice is an amazing, fragrant rice that you will love. It is naturally gluten free, vegan and vegetarian too. Want to find the right one for you - head over to Basmati Rice at FoodSniffr. Say hello to Sniffy, the FoodSniffr dog who does the

Best diet foods - how to find them - - Want the best diet foods for your grocery list? Whether you need foods for a gluten free diet or a low fat or low carb diet; vegan or vegetarian, low sodium or soy free or corn free - FoodSniffr enables you to create healthy grocery lists of diet foods in a jiffy. Simply go to FoodSniffr

Dairy free desserts? - Who else wants dairy-free desserts? On a vegan diet or simply avoiding dairy? Then check out the dairy free desserts we have 'sniffed' out for you , and find clean, healthy ones to bring home. Go to Dairy free desserts on FoodSniffr here. Say hello to Sniffy, the FoodSniffr dog

Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes - Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO - Try these fire roasted crushed tomatoes – organic, vegan, gluten free, non gmo. Read more here. #vegan, #vegetarian, #glutenfree, #healthy, #foodsniffr, #foodies, #wholefood, #realfood, #healthyliving, #healthyeating Do You Really Know What You Are Eating? Sign Up For FoodSniffr! Related articles Medium

Organic Blackberries Frozen - Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian - Clean and organic frozen blackberries – stock up on these to add to smoothies, baked goodies, or just to munch on. And since they are all natural, well naturally they are vegan, vegetarian, also gluten free. Read more at FoodSniffr. Know What You Are Eating? Sign Up For FoodSniffr! Support FoodSniffr for the Good, the Ba