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Is this real??? When did he have this haircut??? I need to know... -@BeautyandthePoet<-----i think this is an edit, but goodness i would be dead if it was real

A hair less self control and he would have been smacking Dwarves with Grandpa Mungo's chair.

Yellow hair. Just so everyone knows this picture photoshopped and not real, but it is rumoured that he did actually dye his hair. Guess we'll just have to wait to find out!

OMG the new thing really did suck all the colour out of it.

A very late Secret Santa for @amiwiils of her characters Tooth and Jayson! I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE, I hope I did them justice! They're such beautiful precious babes. Jayson isn't supposed to look like a vampire by the way, I made him black and white so it would look like he sees her as the only color in his world, in a cheesy sort of way. I hope they look okay! ❤️(I HAD to do her alternate hairstyle because green hair with stars?! How couldn't I draw more of it!?) #drawing #illustr...

I had to stare at this for 3 minutes just to make sure it was really Misha

ethan dolan via instagram "Did my hair green!! What's on your Christmas wish list?? I put lights for my truck, a skateboard and color blind glasses on mine!"

You'll learn to let things go.