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"If war were the answer to our conflicts, this planet would have become a state of pure bliss long ago. Isn't it time we try something else? Love truly is the answer, proven to me, by me. We must first be willing." Kimberly Michele Norton

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Beyond Yoga Fleece Sweatpants

Not all perceptions are reality. When your world feels upside down, we’re here to chat. Anonymous. Judgment-free. 24/7. Call 1-800-284-8439 or text LOOKUP to 494949

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher: The Yoga Journey

Pin it! Confessions of a yoga teacher - the yoga journey Wearing: J.Crew tank, champion bra (similar), Lululemon boogie short (similar and less expensive)

[[start tab]] These Water Blessing Labels feature positive I AM statements. When you affirm I AM statements, you become identified with the truth whaever follows those I Am words.