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2015 New Arrival Special Offer Glazed Mascot Decorative Set Home Decor Crafts Porcelain Figurines Pottery Accessories Dragon

Chain Maille Pet Dragon! Cute design, looks like the scales were incorporated into a modified persian dragonscale (pun not intended :P) similar to the glass rings in the BBB Glass Caterpillar

Authentic Living - The Power of Blessings

from io9

These Huggable Dragons Grow Tea Leaves on Their Backs

strangelykatie: algunos más dragones de té! dragones de té son muy raros por cierto, debido a su incapacidad deprimente para valerse por sí mismos. como muestran los animales, han sido criados a tal punto que se basan por completo en los seres humanos para sobrevivir. visto como mascotas de lujo, el número de seres humanos dispuestos a dedicar el tiempo y esfuerzo para mantener un malcriado, exigente y algo frágil criatura viva con el fin de hacer una buena taza de té ha disminuido ... ..

Here are some new varieties of tea dragons I forgot to post from Twitter! I’m so glad people are enjoying these guys, it makes me really happy <3Also, welcome new followers! Comics Alliance was kind enough to share a small feature about the dragons! I’m still working hard on the tea dragons though!

15+ Dragon-Inspired Gift Ideas For The Mothers And Fathers Of Dragons | Bored Panda

Fan of How to train your dragon? Want a Night Fury? I know I do. Toothless, he's like a giant flying cat. (Missing the fur of course) but until they manage to genetically engineer domesticated dragons for pets I guess I'll just have to settle for my Toothless hoodie. Printed in black vinyl onto black fabric, I even added a few scales just above the cuffs on the sleeves. :) Size Chest (to fit) S - 36", M - 40", L - 44", XL - 48", 2XL - 52" This Hoodie is WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel…

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