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The Best Dash and Carry-All Bags

Smart bags that can handle both your gym and office supplies

Escape! With the twilight of winter upon us, now is your last chance to make a quick getaway.

What to Wear When You Say 'I Do'

What does a modern bride really want? Whether it's for a beach, church or Registry Office, there were myriad dresses on show this season that would look as good coming down an aisle as a catwalk.

Winter Perfumes: Spice and Everything Nice

The sensory warming powers of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom conjure heat.

Tina Gaudoin on Style: What to Buy Right Now

What to Buy Right Now Spring Pieces That Can Update Your Look Even Before the Warm Weather Hits

Why Swiss Watches Are ‘Bargains’ Right Now

With sales down and inventory high, Switzerland’s luxury watch makers are quietly cutting prices—or rethinking production so they can add traditionally pricey features to ‘bargain’ watches. Is now the best time to buy?

Why Not Wear Pajamas All Day?

Teens are dressing like they just got out of bed. Teen retailers are pushing sweatpants, pajama pants, slipper-like shoes and camisoles, having finally found something to replace the overworked hoodie.

The Nerve-Racking, Soul-Searching, Exhilarating Process of Shopping for a Handbag

this is funny - and i say this from the viewpoint of not owning any of these - and likely being satisfied with just one - when i find the right one! ... "the nerve-racking, soul-searching, exhilarating process of shopping for a handbag."

Neoprene Fashions: Scuba Do

Neoprene, the surfer's and diver's best friend, takes on a less functional, more fashionable role