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On Being A Person In Public - Cultural implications and norms can dictate our experiences in public.

Y'all are important too. Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves. Hope you find it soon :)

The image above, the quote and the linked article all relate closely to Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. CRP falls nicely into Whole Child Education because it makes all children feel safe and supported in their classroom. The article serves as a guide for teachers in creating an appropriate and inclusive classroom library with literature that provides both "windows and mirrors" in the stories being told.

GOP leaders who have denounced Trump’s misogynistic remarks. That's pretty much all they do in terms of helping women.

Words like "grab them by the pussy, you can do anything" leads to this.

we will not be healed, until we realize our oneness...ALL lives matter!!!!

Good advice, for all of us people with a patience this -> . Big......Wait! That's too much patience 😂

You'll Never Find Justice In A Land Where Criminals Make All The Rules

from Playbuzz

Are Your Traits Dominant Or Recessive?

ZF: "Liberty of color, religion and language. We unite." We are all humans, and we all deserve to live our lives the way we choose, free of judgement, violence and tyranny!!