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Thank you, Charlotte for your Ducklets.....this one is another who could have followed us frantically on that little piece of land with a pond.

gotta love baby ducks So sweet :) Newborn christmas photo Cute baby LOVE LOVE LOVE: Newborn crochet diaper cover pattern image by knoodleknits on Photobucket Newborn

Frans de Waal - Public Page Orphaned baby sloth, like this one, learns to grow up and climb trees at Rebecca Cliffe's rehabilitation project at the Sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica.

sararye: freightsick: lovers-bones: omg the seal Just gonna sit here and cry for a little bit maybe look at the elephant oh my god

Would you not like to be able to do what this little one is doing, being soooo playful and no cares in the world because momma polar bear is close by.