Pennies & Pancakes: Homemade Fish Sticks ($0.10 each)

HEALTHY Homemade Fish Sticks that my kids will actually EAT and they are soooo much cheaper! Just fish, dry bread crumbs, egg, flour, and a few seasonings. No weird chemically junk like the frozen boxed kind!

Pennies & Pancakes: {Basic} Bagels (7 cents each)

Pennies & Pancakes: {Basic} Bagels cents each)

Homemade bean and cheese burritos. Freeze-able, too.

Pennies & Pancakes: Frozen Bean and Cheese Burritos

Our family thinks this is the best wheat bread recipe ever!

Pennies & Pancakes: Wheat Bread at 69 cents a loaf

Pennies & Pancakes: Harvest Pumpkin Bars

As most of you know, the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. Nearly everyone I know adores this holida.

Pennies & Pancakes: How to Make Homemade Bread {Step-by-Step}

In light of numerous questions and requests, I decided to write this tutorial on making bread. I& be using the ever-so-popular Grandma&

Pennies & Pancakes: Simple Flour Tortillas ($0.03 each)

Flour tortilla A half batch makes 23 tortillas. 3 cups wheat flour, one cup all purpose.

Pennies & Pancakes: Crockpot Yogurt ($0.16 per serving)

Crockpot Yogurt cents per serving)

It may sound too good to be true, but this dinner rolls recipe is extremely budget-friendly. This old-fashioned recipe for Grandma Benson's 2 Cent Dinner Rolls makes use of ingredients you likely already have, so you aren't spending extra money.

Grandma Benson's 2 Cent Dinner Rolls

Pennies & Pancakes: Grandma Benson's Dinner Rolls Same website as the homemade bread, I think I like this website!

Mommy's Kitchen - Old Fashioned & Country Style Cooking: Crispy Homemade Fish Sticks

Mommy's Kitchen - Old Fashioned & Southern Style Cooking: Crispy Homemade Fish Sticks - great Lenten meal idea