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Growing a beard, you're doing it wrong - this beard's got to go! DOC Regional Planning Manager Andrew Mercer in the Manawatu Gorge with old man’s beard, one of the #WarOnWeeds dirty dozen. Keep a look out for it in your backyard.

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Top 10 Tiny, Cute Colourful Birds and Their Sounds

Top 10 Tiny, Cute Colourful birds and their sounds Honey eater, native of New Zealand, Tui is a multi-coloured passerine bird. It has two white tufts of feather on its throat because of which it has earned the name parson bird also. Tui is aggressive and territorial making loud sounds sometimes resembling rude voice of human beings. Sometimes the voice is complicated as it may have grunts and wheezes but It is intelligent to imitate also.

Black Robins - In 1980 there were only five of these birds left, with only one fertile female. That’s this little lady , Old Blue. Anyway, so this guy named Don Merton stepped in when everyone else threw in the towel, and he was like, “Well let’s try something.” And they tried something, and it worked. Now there’s a population of a couple of hundred of them, and since they live exclusively on these tiny islands off New Zealand, that’s a fairly decent population.


Here's Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years

Nests of social weaver birds are believed to be the largest birds’ nests in the world..reminiscent of giant haystacks, each nest, some of which can be over 20 feet wide and about 10 feet tall, can be occupied by hundreds of sociable weavers at a time..the massive nests, made up of twigs, grass, cotton and other natural materials, have to be constantly maintained by the birds & they do this job diligently.. some nests have been known to last for about 100 years.

Bush wren- extinct. Photo of bird that died in captivity during attempted rescue operation. Big South Cape Island, Stewart Island, 1964-9