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Online info keeper & note pad. BRAND NEW Leather Hallmark online info keeper, like a lil black book for the internet, great for storing Web site info, passwords, login info etc & Cute jeweled mini note pad book. Both brand new, no damage Hallmark Other

I made this frame using pearls and vintage aurora borealis jewels. coming soon to my web site. follow profile for link.

Adult Swim announces the lineup for its 2016 Singles program Newswire: Adult Swim announces the lineup for its 2016 Singles program Every summer since 2010 Adult Swim has taken a break from Mike Tyson-based mystery solving and lobbing surreal potshots at celebrity golf to shore up its musical reputation for the coming year. It does so through the auspices of its Adult Swim Singles program which attempts to find some of the hottest new artists aroundplus cat-loving mainstays Run…

A common router bit and simple jig yield a jewel of an inlay piece. By Rob Millard Pages: 34-37 From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy this issue now I ’m in awe of the cleverness of period woodworkers. Working with simple tools, they created objects of art that have stood the test of time. Of particular interest to me are the inlay bandings produced during the Federal period (1775-1815). VIDEO: Watch Rob use his special inlay knife. WEB SITE: See all of Rob’s free videos, as well as the…

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