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15 of the coolest pieces of environmentalist street art you’ll ever see

" Ma liberté, c'est toi qui m'a aidé à larguer les amarres..." ( Serge Reggiani ) / Street art.

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10 Breathtaking Pieces of Love Street Art

You are going to be a great wife, and an amazing mother. I can't wait for those days. The thought of laying my head on your prego belly makes me do happy. Knowing our little life is in there. A life that we will give so much love. I just woke up for a sec to give you some love. I'll be out again in a second. Love you, cakes. Kisses.

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Les plus belles oeuvres de Street Art animalier signées Dzia

new by DZIA in Vilvoorde, Belgium, 3/15 (LP) CHECK LinK