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From the great folks at Mountain Rose Herbs, DIY Deodorant Sprays. The ingredients used to make these herbal deodorant sprays are both astringent and antimicrobial to help keep you feeling fresh all day. These aromatic blends find a nice balance of masculine and feminine that can be enjoyed by anyone.

I recently shared Jan’s recipe for an Aloe Rose Skin Soother that’s perfect for sunburns, rashes, and other skin problems. In this recipe, Jan uses the skin soother to make an Aloe Rose Anti-Aging Cream. The recipe uses ingredients that moisturize, fight wrinkles, rejuvenate, and keep the skin s…

Whipped Mocha Body Frosting

Whipped Mocha Body Frosting - This creamy, decadent body frosting smells divine and sinks into the skin in an instant, leaving you wondering if it’s really got lots of shea butter in it. It leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and happy, and the luscious texture might just send you off on a quest for a heavily frosted chocolate cake.

DIY Lush Lip Scrub!! In Bubblegum, Santa Baby, Popcorn, Mint Julip and more! Easy and simple plus it doesnt cost you 10 dollars! Uses same ingredients as LUSH. Click to learn how

15 Tutorials for You to Make Scrub at Home

Have you ever had a spa scrub (or used a scrub from a bath and body store)? There’s something just absolutely heavenly about the way you feel. Personally,