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Love is all around. You don’t need a date to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, the very history of Valentine’s Day is rooted in remembrance of St. Valentine- a man who was known for his love for God, his love for people, and his desire for justice. Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love-…

Valentine's Day is all about showing love- and you don't need a date for that! Here are some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

That is total dedication! But I would have the thought in the back of my head, what if I was wrong?

because I had this little hell spawn of bacteria. It was the worse thing I have ever experienced. So thank you for this.

We can be SO quick to worry, can't we?  Whoever you are, there's a good chance you are worried about something even as you read these words. As I meditate on God's words today, I'm reminded of my incredible tendency to worry- and how often I do. But God calls us to say no to…

Don’t Worry: Do This Instead

I am going to frame this and put it in my classroom, I think a fun fact themed class is perfect for a middle school!!

Did you know? When Michigan was a young territory, hunting was such a part of life, that deer skins or whole deer were used as money. A deer carcass was worth a dollar, and hence, the dollar became known for what it was worth - "a buck.

There is probably no other stage of life that is wished away more than the stage of singleness.  For many, it is a time defined by longings, desires, hopes and dreams for the future.  For some, it is a season that is marked by loneliness, pain, and isolation. No matter what kind of feelings the…

20 Hilarious Christian Pick-Up Lines. Which one of these would totally work on you?

I don't believe this is true. I believe people will always make anyone but themselves an option.... But it's fun to pretend.

Somewhere between heartaches and waiting comes another chance to be found by someone who can show you that you are not just an option but the ONLY choice. See people? You have chance after all.

I knew my career path wouldnt make me rich, but I am so glad I chose it.

Don't pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn't need escaping from. I love my job but dang I still need a vacation. I think every job is like that.