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Air + Fatboy Slim in one glorious trailer. (Book and actual movie, however, are severely depressing.)

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides - Five teenage sisters give up on life in the leafy suburbs of the American 1970’s. Told from the viewpoint of the adolescent boys who observe and fantasize about the girls, Eugenides’ first novel artfully captures the painful journey from romance to cynicism we must endure when we grow up - Amy Henry, aka Amy Cabernet Quilts

TBS: The Virgin Suicides (2000), directed by Sofia Coppola..."beautiful. one of the most honest film adaptations ive ever seen". ~anon

The Virgin Suicides, Sophia Coppola 2000 - Beautiful cinematography but for a few too many lingering wide shots, strong characters & acting (save for Josh Hartnett & his character), clever & patient. ****

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