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I do.. I was the kid who quietly plotted revenge or vowed silently to never swing with you again.. lol. I thought I'd die!! #deathbyswingset

Back in the Day Art Print

Back in the day....pencils came in handy! Yep you frequently had to do this to wind the tape back into the cartridge.

Old horse swings at the park from back in the day! I remember going to a playground with these as a kid in Massachusetts. We had to pass a little red school house to get there. Memories!

Back In The Day Before Everything Was Ruined

Yep, I said it. The days kids could be kids and adults could be jerks without having to worry about offending people and being politically correct.

Do you remember these?

Once I was bored, and used the little cup to create a suction over my mouth! Well, it got stuck because it made my lips swell! It is today's answer to Botox! My lips were soooo huge and I cried. My mom laughed so hard I thought she would pee!

Oooooooh......fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. How many of these did I eat????? Yummmm.....(back in the day)