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I will never get over you, grandpa maurie, great grandma, and grandpa

My life was forever changed...and I wonder everyday how a heart can be completely broken & still beat.

No Mama I will never forget when your heart stopped when I was leaning over you touching your back. My heart was broken that day.

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In honor of my friend, Karl who passed away on Monday night-I love you and will miss you-you were like my brother.

harder to beathe

Oh my, how true this is.my big brother. Sometimes I look at your face in a picture & remember my big brother is really gone and it's like I lose my breath & my heart shatters all over again. I miss you.I love you.

Not seeing you is driving me crazy. I miss you my luv

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It's not so much the missing that comes in waves, but how I can cope. I miss you every second. The breakdowns come in waves.

That phone call, seeing you lying in a room cold and pale, telling you how much I loved you and crying for 24 hours...I've relived it so many times

Being told their was no heartbeat and no more baby. That I needed to be on meds that cause contractions to push everything out. I will never forget being told your having a miscarriage. There is no baby.

Just one moment...I think i could maybe stop crying if for just one moment you could hug me again...nope! I think I would cry even harder.

That moment you need someone but they're in heaven. And so, you cry instead. and you cry some more - it hurts & you wonder when it will stop hurting so much

I just sit and remember how my daddy used to make me laugh and laugh and his words of wisdom, Beach BBQ , doing puzzles and eating crawfish, once frog legs with my Auntie. My grandparents and all the holiday fun shared at their house. Oscar, George and all the beautiful people in Papa's care like my Uncle Uncle and his brothers too whom I adore, Mumma, my grandma. My great grandma and my cousins, aunts uncle, friends...births of my babies, people I've loved and was loved by. Kind strangers,

Some days I just sit and remember. Sometimes I sit and remember all the good times we had, all the laughs we shared, all the times you made me happy when i was sad. and i did the same for you. I Love you and i will never forget you.