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Explore Pest Three, Lined Potato and more!

Major Tomatillo Pest - Three-lined potato beetle (photo shows larval stage.) Nasty little things.

Growing Carrots: A Tip from Grandpa

Carrots can be a bit persnickety to germinate. Luckily, my grandpa taught me this trick to get them started in the garden easily!

Garden Update ~ How to Kill Cucumber Beetles, Organically

How to Kill Cucumber Beetles, Organically--dump 100% Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth. LIFT leaves and douse underneath since the cucumber beetles like to hang out underneath, then dirt all around the plants

Growing Grapes for Beginners

Many people choose to carry out hobbies and small businesses of growing fruits and vegetables, and a lot of satisfaction can be gained from eating or selling items that you grow yourself. Watching the growth of a plant into a nutritional fruit or...

Deadly dining – Three lined potato beetle, Lema trilineata

A dinner of nightshade is deadly to some, but not to the three lined potato beetle.