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this picture represents the amendment and the s in the acronym RASPP. this shows how a person may not live what you have to say but it sill remains your opinion and you will always be entitled to it as long as you live under this constitution.

Typewritten is a simple tumblr site that showcases great phrases, sayings, lyrics, and quotes transformed into images depicting all of th...

.but for how long some hearts like mine have been shewed spit out and told me that was dinner !!!! And actually enjoy it my hart has tan out n o more food and if you are watching take note

This is my alltime favorite Bible verse. It's also in my bio on Twitter. Because without God, I don't know where I'd be. Everyday I'm thankful for His presence in my life.

i still don't understand who is offended. all i ever see is talk of people being offended by this, that, the other thing, and everything all at once.. but i don't know who is actually offended.

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